Dear Parent

Welcome to Chaman Bhartiya School of Leadership! 

That you are considering us and our learning philosophy for your child means a lot to us and we hope this document can guide you along the journey as you make crucial decisions about your child’s future. 

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At Chaman Bhartiya, it is our belief, and purpose, that all children can be leaders given the right environment, tools, and support. This is why everything we do here is aimed at helping the child discover their leadership potential through learning, play, and practical implementation. You’d be interested to know that we have an open classroom model where all children learn together while also learning to respect individual boundaries.

We also do not restrict teaching to a teacher-led model and instead, our teachers are facilitators who design every lesson based on the students they teach, the lesson itself and whether it lends itself to a group activity or an individualized one. We amply supplement this teaching method with a host of tools and media which you will discover as you read along.