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Copenhagen-born Allan Kjaer Andersen is the Bangalore-based director of the new age K-12 Chaman Bhartiya School (CBS) — the first education initiative of the Gurgaon-based real estate heavyweight Bhartiya Group.


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Topic of Discusssion: EDUCATION 360: Developing Academics, Creativity and Problem-solving in Preschool through Play

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Importance of personalised, project-based and play-based learning in cognitive development

Children develop cognitive skills rapidly in the first few years of life and build on them progressively throughout grade school.


Another big step towards joyful learning! Presenting the Treehouse at ChamanBhartiya School, the first of it’s kind in Bengaluru & the 99th in the world.

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This article highlights how education being a crucial element is observing a shift in its pedagogy and how academicians are focusing on bringing school education a step higher to mould students to grow in this competitive world. The team had focused on highlighting concepts around better understanding, shifting the way students learn, how schools are aiming at curbing stress/anxiety and preparing students to dominate the world with VUCA.

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Digital Competency: A prerequisite for any career in the 21st Century

Digital has taken over the job market. Even terms like books in accounts are now files on a computer. Automation and digital platforms have changed the nature of jobs. With Artificial Intelligence starting to be adopted by companies across various industries, digital competency is no longer an additional skill, but prerequisite knowledge for any job. To be employable, one must be familiar with a variety of digital tools that differ from job to job.

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Mr. Allan’s article: ‘Importance of early education in developing leaders’ was featured in the Education World portal. The article talks about the qualities a leader should have and how education can play an important role in developing those qualities from early childhood days. The article also gives an insight into the qualities a child can develop in the early years of education. It also takes us through the importance of being a leader in today’s time and influencing people for better and how a holistic approach to education can be a major stepping stone in a child’s growth.

Kultural Sangam

Chaman Bhartiya School organized Kultural Sangam to celebrate Global Citizenship in collaboration with Parikrma Foundation, an India based NGO, and a Western Symphony Youth orchestra from Denmark. The event was graced by Thomas Sehested, Director of the Danish Cultural Institute and a renowned authority on Indian culture. The Danish Cultural Institute’s vision is that the exchange of arts, culture and knowledge can contribute to handling the challenges of globalization and strengthen the Sustainable Development Goals. Education at Chaman Bhartiya encompasses similar aspects as well. This synergy in vision led to the inception of this international intercultural association.

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