Problem-Based Learning Expo at Chaman Bhartiya School.

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a pedagogical approach to achieve the academic objectives outlined in the We Lead Curriculum. The students are the drivers of their own learning journey. Through PBL, learners engage and approach real world issues to acquire deeper learning. Students develop critical thinking and critical thinking skills as well as to collaborate and communicate their findings with a larger audience. Facilitators serve as mentors (guide the students) and collaborate with learners, to inspire them to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject.

How We Keep Our Learners Safe

As middle school has opened once again for offline learning, the safety of each learner becomes our responsibility. At Chaman Bharatiya School, we are committed to ensuring 100% safety of all our learning during these precarious times. To guarantee the safety of our learners, we have set in place some important COVID-19 protocols that are in line with the government regulations. Our goal is to make offline education as safe as possible while also making sure that the students find it as close to normalcy and enjoy their time at the campus without feeling anxious.

Back to School

13th September, was an extremely joyous and emotional occasion at Chaman Bhartiya school. For the first time ever, our learners from Grade 6 & Grade 7, stepped on campus and injected the school with life. Sunaina from grade 6, expresses her feelings on this momentous occasion.

Design Thinking a Framework for Innovation

For this new academic year, Project-Based Learning will have a new theme – Design thinking and innovation. Following last year’s successful implementation of the theme – ‘Sustainable communities’, we are looking towards a different approach to Project-Based Learning this academic year. Design thinking is a term used to broadly represent a set of cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which design concepts are developed. This concept would be utilised in order to produce solutions to tackle real world problems.

Before PBL for this academic year is set in motion, workshops and seminars were held for the facilitators on UN sustainable development goals and different kinds of designs that could be potentially used productively during the PBL process. With prior training, our facilitators are much better equipped to help the learners achieve their goals.


We are extremely proud and delighted to announce that Virat Mehat from grade 5 has been awarded Gold Medals of Excellence in both the International Maths Olympiad and the International English Olympiad.

Tanisha of grade 5 has also been awarded the Gold Medal of Excellence in the National Science Olympiad. 43 students across various grades have participated in these competitions.

Space Education Programme


We are thrilled to announce that we have integrated a Space Education Programme into our curriculum! The programme will include courses on the origins and nature of the universe, space travel, satellites, life beyond the Earth and loads of other interesting topics.

Joy of Reading

True learning happens when children find joy in it,
rather than considering it a chore.
Through our “Joy of Reading” program, we want to enable our children to enjoy reading and learning at their own pace.
It also enables development of imagination and creativity.
The “Joy of Reading” is Chaman Bhartiya’s personalized learning program which has been envisioned and developed by our academic team.

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