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Chaman Bhartiya School is a K12 private educational institution in Bengaluru, India. Admissions for academic year 2020-2021 are now open.

We believe that all children can be leaders given the right environment, tools, and support.

At Chaman Bhartiya, we strive to build 21st century competencies and leadership skills in every child. The adults of tomorrow will live and work in an environment vastly different from our own, and it is our aim to help them succeed in it.
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Chaman Bhartiya is a first-of-its-kind private educational institution in Bengaluru, India. 

Only at Chaman Bhartiya, leadership is woven across every aspect of the educational journey combined with an academically rigorous curriculum, a 1:10 teacher ratio, open classrooms and where an environment where technology stimulates and aids learning.

Why Leadership

Leadership is a journey that begins at the age when a child is just learning to walk. It needs nurturing and an environment conducive to developing the latent traits of leadership. The future of the world will be determined by how we impart education to our future leaders.

We have designed our curriculum based on four key tenets- We Play, We Learn, We Act, We Lead. Everything we do to nurture the child’s growth is meant to work with one or more of these leadership pillars. From our collaborators to the teaching staff, these are the principles we live by.

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Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us
“We want to create future-ready students who are change makers in their chosen sphere, equipped to assume leadership within society…
What people say

"I want to be an artist or an engineer when I grow up."

We want our learners to dream big. When we have collaborators like LEGO Education on board, is it any surprise that they love coming to school every day? Discover for yourself why Chaman Bhartiya is different - pay us a visit today.

Aleena - learner, Chaman Bhartiya

“Students should be assessed for their learning and not of their learning.”

Every child has a unique set of talents and abilities that need to be identified and nurtured in a way that works for them. Our facilitators are trained to do just that, and our in-house teacher training program keeps them learning, too!

Sandhya Gatti - Head of Pedagogy and Teacher Training
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Admissions for 2020 are now open!

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