At Chaman Bhartiya, it is our belief, and purpose, that all children can be leaders given the right environment, tools, and support. This is why everything we do here is aimed at helping the child discover their leadership potential through learning, play, and practical implementation.


We believe that the future of every child is dependent on three teachers – parents, teachers and a teacher not much spoken about, but a critical component in the development of every child is the school building.

As you walk around Chaman Bhartiya School, you will notice a distinct transparency in the structure. Designed the way it should be, it can dramatically alter how a child begins to feel and learn. Our classrooms are active flexible learning spaces.

The Atrium
The Atrium
The atrium is a place for school assemblies, cultural programmes and lectures from the guest speakers. The steps here are designed to accommodate children of all age groups to participate with the entire school congregation. It is also a place for learning.
We have a food policy, that ensures children eat healthy, nutritious food in a world-class hygienic environment. There is a grove of fruit trees in our garden. We also planning to have a hydroponic garden on the fourth floor for our children to learn the nuances of gardening.
Multipurpose Hall
Multipurpose Hall
The Multipurpose Hall has as much potential in it, as the children who will walk into its spacious environs. This fully airconditioned hall can become a space for performers and spectators. it can turn into a cooking studio and then into a space where children can put up a science exhibition, Indoor games, sporting events, conferences and conventions, school assemblies and cultural events. This truly flexible arena will play a key feature in the schooling of every child. This facility is 6500 sq.ft in size and can comfortably accommodate 500 students.

There is something magical about a tree house. Perched high above
the ground, it lets you stand and look at the world from a different
vantage point. It lets you be a silent onlooker to the goings below.
The tree house at the entrance of the school is centred around a
replanted tree brought here all the way from Pondicherry. It’s fifty
years old and sprouting fresh leaves as we speak. This magical
experience of being in a little hideaway where you can sit, lie down,
read, relax and contemplate is something we wanted students,
teachers and everyone in the school to experience and enjoy.
Made entirely with sustainable, renewable and recycled materials,
wood from Auroville forests entirely sourced from naturally dead
trees using sustainable forestry practices, this is the gateway to
Chaman Bhartiya.


The library is the heart of Chaman Bhartiya School. Each book in the library is a
conversation a child has with the greatest minds. It has the
capacity to open up a child’s imagination and opens up a pathway to their dreams. library is the one place in our school that is most inviting for any student.

Our library has a rich collection more than 4000 printed and digital books in
different genres and languages


Innovation lab at Chaman Bhartiya School hosts LEGO, Space Education, Robotics, Coding, 3d Printing, Aero-modelling, Agri-tech and Skills development (Carpentry, Drilling and Soldering).

Collaborative interdisciplinary projects are planned by the technical team designated for the innovation lab along with the facilitators  that combines knowledge skills, techniques and materials for both digital and product design.

Innovation lab is a destination where students  alongside staff and mentors can create, problem solve, develop skills, talents, thinking, and mental rigor.”

Activities at the Innovation lab is aligned with the curriculum that can be measured with the learning objective. Concepts in the innovation lab is based on the philosophy of hands-on learning through building solutions and prototypes.

Learning through play” is the approach that is followed in the innovation lab. It is a guided activity that has a purpose. It embraces the power of collaboration and empowers students to consult and assist one another as they explore and solve problems using the resources in the innovation lab.

Projects designed in the innovation lab not only foster learning through inquiry but also support mental rigor.

Visual Arts
Visual Arts

Children will be given ample opportunities to explore and learn art.
The school is equipped with separate arts and craft zone as well as
dance and music zone. We view aesthetics as an avenue to develop
creativity as well as holistic development amongst students.

Music, Dance & Drama Corner Toddler Play Area For Early Years

The school is equipped with a well- planned external play area of
about 10,000 sq. Ft for toddlers. This helps our young learners to develop gross motor skills.. The area is equipped with a sandpit, swings, slides, monkey bars and other play equipment.

Class Room
Podcast Centre
Music Studio
Chemistry Lab
Physics Lab
Biology Lab
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