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Chaman Bhartiya School offers WE LEAD curriculum upto Grade5. From Grade 6 we bifurcate between national and IB-MYP curriculum. We are a candidate school for IB-MYP and in the process of applying for a national curriculum.

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At CBS, professional development of facilitators is of prime importance. In order to ensure our academic goals integrated with leadership competencies and critical skills of the 21st century, CBS facilitators have to be part of continuous learning and development. Professional development at CBS is an ongoing process enhancing our faculty’s knowledge, skills and dispositions as a classroom practitioner. Our facilitators are trained and certified in both, IB and National pedagogies and methods, over and above their academic qualifications.

Both curricula have years of research and rich experience. While the national curriculum pushes a student to amass a wealth of knowledge in the years of schooling, the international curriculum in addition provides a structured framework for students to  make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and the real world by acquiring skills. According to IB MYP guidelines, “The MYP curriculum framework allows schools to meet national, state, provincial or other subject-specific curricular requirements while fulfilling the IB mission and implementing IB philosophy.” An institution which recognises this factor is in a favourable position to bring out the best of both curricula.

A prominent feature of the national curriculum that often goes unnoticed is the requirement to connect conceptual learning to themes, life skills and values, which gives the teacher ample opportunity to guide student exploration and make the learning interdisciplinary. When done in a consistent and coherent manner, the national curriculum can be equally enriching for students.

To exemplify, while reading a chapter from the Social Studies textbook, tackling a ‘Life skills & Values’ based question could lead students to investigate, explore, evaluate choices and opinions often related to the world around them. This very skill can be logically equated to the mode of exploration in the IB equivalent subject group, Individuals and Societies. A similar analogy can be drawn of subjects like ‘English’ with ‘Language & Literature’.

At CBS, the Problem Based Learning (PBL) pedagogical approach enables our learners to traverse through a wide array of topics or issues based on their personal interests while empowering them with academic knowledge, skills and attitude.

At Chaman Bhartiya School it is our endeavour to provide our learners opportunities to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need in order to prepare for further education, the workplace and a lifetime of learning.

Stage Coordinators

Jayalakshmi B – Middle Years
Jayalakshmi B – Middle Years

Ms Jayalakshmi, who joined us in January 2021, as a Middle year’s coordinator, comes with an experience of 9 years in the field of teaching. She has a multi-faceted personality and is a Post-Graduate in Finance. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she is also a proficient classical singer. She found her calling in the teaching profession after a brief stint in a play school which prompted her to take up teaching as a profession. Having then got her Bachelor’s degree in Education, Jayalakshmi spent a major part of her career teaching English in a reputed CBSE school in Bangalore from where she move down as a middle-year’s coordinator.  As a teacher, she has always been constantly pushing her boundaries to try innovative pedagogies even in a traditional set up.  According to Ms Jayalakshmi, nothing is more important than seeing a child enjoy learning. In search of continuous learning. 

She is also pursuing her Diploma programme in Teaching and Learning. Jayalakshmi’s aim in education is to be part of a progressive institution like CBS and in turn, innovate and create new learning methods, in order to be part of a child’s personal and academic growth.

Shalini Naik – Primary Years
Shalini Naik – Primary Years

Ms. Shalini Naik is the Primary Years Co-ordinator at Chaman Bhartiya School. She most recently worked as a Lead, Research & Development in Deans Academy, Bangalore. She has also worked as a Content Consultant and Outdoor Educator at The Outdoor School - Head and also has experience in Corporate Communications with ING (Exide) Life Insurance.

Her qualifications include National Geographic Certified Educator at National Geography, CIDTL at Cambridge University and Post-Graduation in Advertising and Media Relations at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.

According to her, teaching is beyond academics. She believes that it is vital to challenge her learners and herself. By implementing multiple teaching and learning strategies, she motivates and supports the learners to read, make multiple connections, discuss and produce work that they believe they can achieve.

“Every student has a unique, thinking mind. The true challenge as an educator lies in tapping these minds. As a facilitator, my responsibility is creating an awareness in every learner to be accountable for their exclusive thoughts, which make them the individual they aspire to be. I believe my teaching is a near to honest expression which of who I am as an individual reflects in my interactions with my learners and in my teaching style.”

– patient, strong, dreamer, romantic, thinker and a believer in experiences, digger of hobbies, lover of sport, reading, watching and expressing my thoughts. This

Ranjana M V – Foundational Years
Ranjana M V – Foundational Years

Ms. Ranjana, An engineer by education and an educator by passion and profession, her goals are driven by her love for children.

She has several years of experience working with reputed international schools that has added more skills and knowledge to her repertoire. She has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering and a Diploma in Montessori and a P.G Diploma in pre-primary education. Her goal is to empower young minds to enable them to lead their lives independently and productively.

In her words - “Children inspire me with their innocence and infectious energy. As a teacher, I do not want to just teach students but inspire them by making a difference in their lives so that they can make a difference in their own life. Each child is a priority, their development, safety and well-being at all times matter to me”.

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