How We Keep Our Learners Safe

As middle school has opened once again for offline learning, the safety of each learner becomes our responsibility. At Chaman Bharatiya School, we are committed to ensuring 100% safety of all our learning during these precarious times. To guarantee the safety of our learners, we have set in place some important COVID-19 protocols that are in line with the government regulations. Our goal is to make offline education as safe as possible while also making sure that the students find it as close to normalcy and enjoy their time at the campus without feeling anxious.

These are the regulations that we strictly adhere to, for offline learning.

Mask Wearing: All the students and teachers are required to wear masks at all times while in the campus and ensure double masking when interacting with another student/teacher.

Sanitation: The students will be reminded to wash their hands at regular intervals and the school equipment is also sanitised regularly. Sanitiser bottles are made available in each room for easy access.

Vaccination: All teachers and non-teaching staff of the school are fully vaccinated to maintain the childrens’ safety.

Campus sanitisation: The school building is fumigated regularly to maintain a hygienic and clean environment. Classrooms are sanitised every two hours.

Entry control: As the students enter the campus, they shall be sanitised and their temperature shall be checked. They are also escorted to their respective classrooms by our facilitators.

Social Distancing: Classroom seating is spread out and distanced while using single desks for students. Students are also required to maintain social distancing while moving for lunch, PE, music classes and so on.

Monitoring of student health: Our facilitators are trained to keep an eye on the health conditions of each student. Any sick student shall be immediately taken to the medical room where they shall receive the required attention. The safety of the students is monitored by our teachers at all times. The students are delighted to be back at school, to meet their classmates and teachers and learn in a conducive environment, and our objective is to maintain this spirit through strict adherence to safety regulations.