Our Collaborators – LEGO Education

Knowledge is helpful to children only when they can apply and build on it. A child who has not grasped the concepts of plus and minus stands very little chance of understanding equations. Without a doubt, theoretical knowledge is important but equal emphasis should also be given to a deep conceptual understanding that allows children to connect concepts and skills, apply knowledge to solve real-life problems and inspire creativity. 

We see playful experiences as an optimal medium for engaging in this type of deeper learning. To enhance the experience of play for our learners, we have partnered with the LEGO Foundation so our learners get to explore a system that combines structure, logic and creativity. It’s a great platform to stimulate creativity and provides several avenues for students to express their imagination. This will also stimulate vital skills like coding, empathy, communication and problem-solving. 

At Chaman Bhartiya, this is one of the mediums we provide for learners to explore and experiment to gain new knowledge. 

The LEGO 4C process for learning consists of: Connect, Construct, Contemplate and Continue

We look forward to using the system successfully with our students.