Our Collaborators – Global Schools Alliance

We are one of the few schools globally who are a member of the Global Schools Alliance (GSA) and membership is by invitation only. Member schools are among the highest rated schools in their respective countries and have agreed to bring together their experience and knowledge to work together to improve the standards of education globally.

Members are invited to reach out for advice, support and peer critique to sustain the innovative child-centred edge.

Why a GSA?

In an increasingly interconnected world, it is important that students and learners nurture an international perspective and a global outlook. GSA’s international outreach will enable students to develop worldwide connections.

How do students and faculty at Chaman Bhartiya benefit from the GSA membership?

  • It connects students with their peers in other member schools to encourage transnational projects and international collaborations. They will work together and present their findings to real world authentic audiences.
  • This type of an interaction enables students to get first-hand knowledge of different cultures and traditions across the globe.
  • This membership allows students to get introduced to global sensitivities and attitudes.
  • At Chaman Bhartiya, we plan to leverage this network and offer international exchange programs to our students.
  • Allows us to pair learners with internships and other opportunities where member schools operate.
  • The GSA supports teachers with a wide range of professional development opportunities including international workshops and teaching fellowships in GSA member schools.

To know more about GSA click here: https://www.globalschoolsalliance.org/


1. A.B. Combs Elementary School, USA

2. Albany Senior High School, New Zealand

3. Evangelischer Schule Berlin Zentrum, Germany

4. Freemans Bay School, New Zealand

5. Green School, Bali

6. Hellerup Skole, Denmark

7. High Tech, High, USA

8. Hilltop Road Public School, Australia

9. Liger Learning Centre, Cambodia

10. Mathew Moss High School, UK

11. Stonefields School, New Zealand

12. Tri-County Early College High School, USA

13. Orestad Gymnasium, Denmark