Our Collaborators – Apple

Chaman Bhartiya – Apple Centre of Excellence: For every member of the Chaman Bhartiya school, the virtual environment is very important. Technology is a vital component of the teaching learning process. Learning at our school is personalised and developed according to the needs and requirements of the learner.

Our digital backbone enables our teacher to create personalized learning experiences for learners. Technology not only creates an inspiring environment for learning but also supports teachers in designing learning experiences for students.

Apple’s partnership with Chaman Bhartiya School of Leadership will encompass the following aspects:

1. Support our leadership philosophy by integrating technology into the curriculum. 

2. Draw upon appropriate curriculum frameworks to plan lessons and activities that integrate technology.

3. 1:1 iPad Program: Every student at Chaman Bhartiya will have an iPad to do his academic work. The iPad inspires creativity and hands-on learning that makes learning more powerful. It also personalises learning. It gives students instant access to digital books and multimedia resources. The iPad fosters critical thinking skills as well as communication and literacy. It expands students’ working knowledge of effective methods to complete tasks.

4. The Mac Lab: The lab aims to equip the students in various domains like presentations, video-editing and app development. it also enables students to generate ideas and think innovatively. It imparts the students with knowledge on Apple technologies and give them a hands-on experience on the incredibly powerful Mac OSX operating system. The vast variety of applications from Apple will foster their creativity and provide a platform for students to come up with ground-breaking projects.

4. Apple Podcast Centre: The studio is fitted with equipment for audio and video recording. It will stimulate creativity and act a medium to enable learning. It can be used for various projects such as film- making, mixing, mastering, etc. It is equipped with a Panasonic 4K camera ideal for professional video recordings. The studio is equipped with professional lighting facilities and soundproofing acoustic foam is built in the side walls which reduces echoes and background noise. It is provided with a ceiling mounted projector as well as a Mac Mini computer with software for editing.

5. Everyone can Code: We believe everyone should be able to master the digital language. Learning to code improves collaboration, problemsolving and critical thinking skills. At Chaman Bhartiya, students from the age of four will learn how to code.

6. Everyone Can Create: Every student learns differently, finds inspiration in different places and communicates ideas in their own ways. The projects under this program guide students to develop and communicate ideas through drawing, photography, video, and music. They help ignite creativity by giving teachers fun and meaningful ways to bring these skills into any lesson, topic or assignment.

7. Digital Professional Development: Apple Education Trainers in partnership with Chaman Bhartiya’s Teacher Training Division will conduct Digital Professional development workshops for teachers which have been developed in line with our educational philosophy.