Joy of Learning at Chaman Bhartiya School

Chaman Bhartiya School sponsored a Christmas Carnival held at XLR8, Bangalore. The carnival was an exciting event that saw children come together in engaging activities like using an iPad for coloring, robots to learn about angles, and building an ice hockey robot to understand about pulleys and gears! At Chaman Bhartiya, play is one of the most important avenues through which concepts are taught.

At Chaman Bhartiya we feel students should derive joy out of learning. School should not be viewed as a burden but a place where students live and thrive. The process of learning should be engaging and interesting; without compromising on academics in any manner. Play is one of the routes through which we apply our view.

Once the emotion of joy is associated with the process of learning, it’s a natural skill set that the child becomes endowed with. Learning will then be a process that the child engages in throughout his life.When fun is incorporated in academics and learning becomes a joyful process (through processes such as play), academic competencies in students get enhanced.