In the Press

Mr. Allan’s article: ‘Importance of early education in developing leaders’ was featured in the Education World portal. The article talks about the qualities a leader should have and how education can play an important role in developing those qualities from early childhood days. The article also gives an insight into the qualities a child can develop in the early years of education. It also takes us through the importance of being a leader in today’s time and influencing people for better and how a holistic approach to education can be a major stepping stone in a child’s growth.

Click to read the full article: Education World [February 14th, 2020]

The story ‘Chasing quality, schools adopt Scandinavian pedagogies’ was covered by The Times of India. It highlights how international schools in the city are adopting global education methods to upgrade the education system in the city. The story shares the opinions of different educators who have adopted different pedagogies from around the world to inculcate in their curriculum to make the system better in every aspect and provide the best to the students. This article also highlights Allan’s opinion about the ideologies he is adapting for his upcoming school Chaman Bhartiya School.

Click to read the full article: The Times of India [January 20th, 2020]