At CBS, Mindfulness classes are an integral part of our learners’ regular routine. These sessions are aimed at improving the overall well-being of our members. Each class begins with breathing exercises that help us find our center. We then engage in various warm-up activities, walking meditations, and muscle stretches that promote flexibility and focus. Throughout the session, we take short breaks for meditation, focusing solely on our breath to achieve a sense of calm. These sessions have been highly effective in reducing stress levels and improving the overall mental and physical health of our community.


Celebrating Achievements and Embracing Aspirations
As we gather our reflections for this newsletter, we are brimming with gratitude and pride for all that
we have accomplished together. The past month has been a testament to our collective dedication
and learning initiatives, setting the stage for even greater accomplishments in the years ahead.
Through our collaborative efforts, we have not only achieved our academic and co-scholastic goals
but have also paved the way for new aspirations and endeavors to flourish, shaping a future filled
with promise and possibility.


Circle time is a fundamental part of the daily routine of our young learners. During this time, learners participated in a range of fun and engaging activities. This activity provided a structured gathering where learners bonded, shared ideas and their feelings. This helped us reinforce social skills and introduce new concepts. Overall, circle time was a great opportunity for learners to develop their academic, social and emotional skills.

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Dear Parents, I extend my warmest wishes to you and your family for a happy and prosperous 2024. As I rewind my first two months at CBS and reflect on the promising strides we have taken so far, I am amazed by the extra miles we have already embraced and the extra smiles we have procreated. Indeed, it is heartwarming to witness the cheerful smiles of our children and staff when they enter our beautiful campus each morning.

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The Christmas assembly was a wonderful display of the festive season and the students’ talents. Learners from all grades collaborated to present a spectacular show filled with lively music, dances, and skits. The program began with a warm welcome speech by our director, Allan Anderson. The learners kicked off the program with a cheerful performance of holiday classics like Jingle bells and the happiest Christmas tree. This was followed by an energetic dance performance and a skit titled “Who is your Santa?”. Our French and Spanish students also gave special performances. The choir’s performance of carols had everyone singing along and was a highlight of the program. Principal Shalini Singh Hamilton addressed the gathering, while grade 7 student Laksh delivered the vote of thanks. Overall, it was an unforgettable event.

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Dear Parents, This newsletter for the month of November 2023 is a special edition for two reasons! Firstly because, with this new format, we are trying to lay emphasis on our five Leadership Pillars: Learn to Live, Learn to Live Together, Learn to Learn, Learn to Act, and Learn to Lead. These pillars are not only integrated into our curriculum, but also in our events, assemblies, programmes, and projects, aiming to instill values and skills in our learners, who are the leaders of tomorrow.

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Dear Parents, The month of October witnessed the culmination of the first term of this academic year wherein the learners showcased their learning through individual projects, group activities, formative and summative tests, events, programmes, etc.

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We recently had the Literary Festival, which culminated with the Literary Extravaganza. We are happy that so many parents came to see the exhibition. The performances showcased the learners’ work. During the Literary Festival, the learners engaged in fun and academic activities focussed on storytelling

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We celebrated the 77th Independence Day of the world’s largest democracy. To celebrate Indian independence is essential for any school in India. We honour the courageous Indian people who fought for freedom. And we remind ourselves that democracy is not given once and for all but a human construct that needs to be understood, appreciated and rejuvenated with every new generation.

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Climate change is not a future scenario; it is a reality. 2023 will be the warmest year ever measured on the planet. I don’t want to paint an apocalyptic and dystopian scenario, but the earth is getting warmer, the weather has become unpredictable, and this will bring changes to the way we live, where we live, how we produce, and what we produce.

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