Ranjini Sridhar

Head of Administration & IT

Ranjini Sridhar, Head of Administration & IT at Chaman Bhartiya School, has a vast experience of over 35 years in both the spheres of IT & Education. She has extensive experience in both multinationals & international schools. During her stint in corporates, she has worked in premier organisations such as Accenture & Wipro. She has worked in Datum Technology as a Senior Manager and led a team of 25 engineers to develop a tool to automate school administration. At Accenture, she has not only received awards for her performance, but also for exceeding client expectations.


Ranjini holds 3 International Baccalaureate Certificates in the fields of IT and Pedagogy. She has worked in several international schools wherein she has held senior positions such as Head of Administration, IT, Quality & Planning. She is an Apple Certified Teacher and has undergone extensive training in software languages such as C++ & Swift. Ranjini has also written several books on computer science for grades 1 to 7; and on C++ for grades 8 to 10. Ranjini has also taught mathematics, physics & computer science for grades 8 to 10.


At Chaman Bhartiya School, Ranjini was instrumental in setting up the technology infrastructure in line with the school’s vision. At Chaman, Technology is a tool which aids learning. Our tie-up with an Apple Education Service Provider was a key step toward the implementation of this approach. Ranjini has successfully coordinated to set up the Apple infrastructure as well as organised workshops for facilitators to implement technology in the classroom and for online learning. Consequently, when COVID struck, our facilitators were completely equipped to facilitate online learning and we were able to quickly adapt from offline to online learning. Ranjini has also successfully implemented programs such as LEGO®, Robotics & Space Education. She was part of the team that developed the online curriculum for the above-mentioned programs. She was also part of the internal team that enabled the launch of the Balloon Satellite in Space.


Ranjini feels that if the complete potential of Technology is understood and applied – it can be a great tool to enable academic delivery in educational institutions. She feels real-life learning experiences enable children to not only engage in the process of learning but also gain an in-depth subject understanding.