Director's Message 

Dear Parents,

The Chaman Bhartiya School is looking forward to opening the school with online learning and engaging learning activities at home. We would have wanted to open the school for real, but in the present COVID- 19 situation digital learning is better than no education. 

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Inspirational Activities Response 

#LearningGoesOn: We concluded another great week of inspirational activities in which students continued to display their wide skills and creativity. Here are some of the submissions from some of the students as they channel their inner creative geniuses. 

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What Does It Take To Connect With Your Child?
As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. For a child, this village is their home: the family. Every member of the family is connected through relationships: spousal, parental, or sibling. In order to thrive in a society, one needs to invest in building the grass root level relationships. What get etched at the formative stage, involuntarily transitions to the next level of social relationships. It starts with parents building connections with their child/children. This is a major part of parenting!
“Children must be taught How To Think not What To Think”    
– Margaret Mead
CBS Online Learning - An Apple Hybrid Learning Environment

Online learning has become increasingly popular with the advent of new technological tools. However, the recent pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online education in schools and educational institutes across the world. We have adopted seamlessly to the blended learning model consisting of offline and online as right from the beginning we have envisioned technology as a tool to implement our vision. Technology at CBS has been designed to personalise learning, enable joyful learning, ignite creativity and make students independent learners.

Meet our Facilitators

Meet Samhitha Johnson, she loves teaching and interacting with young children. Samhitha has 5 years of experience teaching in Bangalore International School. However, her most substantial-quality must be that she loves learning. Samhitha did her Bachelors in Psychology, English Literature and Journalism. She also has two PG diplomas; one in International Montessori Practice and one in Indian Montessori Practice. She also holds various certifications in the field of education. They go as follows: Early Childhood education through play, Engaged Learning, Story Telling, Best practises in integrated learning, Jolly Phonics and Calligraphy. She also plans to pursue her Masters in Early Childhood Education soon. 
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Adapting To Challenging Times