“The future of the world will be determined by how we impart education to our future leaders.”

Snehdeep Aggarwal — Founder

“Brilliant.” Ask any dean of the world’s most reputed colleges, ask the CEOs of the world’s cutting edge organizations, and that’s how Indian students are often described, thanks to a culture that believes that educated minds are the greatest assets of the society.

We have been blessed with the ability to back the expectations heaped upon us. Our students have grown up to become the brains behind the significant technological progress made by mankind and delivered much of the goods in the past 20 years.

The world we are in is changing at an accelerating pace. While academic excellence is at the core of our teaching; as the world transitions, there are going to be further demands made on our children. No one can put a finger on the demands time will make in, say, 2040 when our children will be putting their learnings to work. What the world will need then is leadership. Be it in Politics or Spirituality, the Sciences, the Arts or in the world of Business, the real change makers of tomorrow will be those who can take risks and dare to ask the right questions, and come up with solutions for the collective good.

There is no greater potential pool of candidates who will rise to the demands made than among the 1.3 billion of us. As parents and educators, we need to prepare our children to become the leaders of the era that is fast approaching. We will need to unlearn the impact of 500 years of invasions into our country and believe we can be leaders.

But leaders aren’t made overnight. Passing examinations can’t prepare you to be one. It is a journey that begins at the age when a child is just learning to walk. Leadership needs nurturing. It needs an environment conducive to developing the latent traits of leadership. The future of the world will be determined by how we impart education to our future leaders.

Directors Message

“It's important for the teacher to talk less and let the students work more.”

Allan AndersEn — Director

The two essential questions that every human being can ask are: “Why am I here?” and “What can I do to pursue the aspiration that lies in answer to the first question?”

Asking these questions and answering them, is, of course, a personal matter. If a school wants to be relevant for children and young people of today, it must create an environment that stimulates the learners to find and pursue their passion. It must support them in developing the personal and competencies that are needed.

Chaman Bhartiya is a school that focuses on nurturing the passion in every learner so that they can become a leader in their area of passion. We create a positive environment for the development of the personal and social qualities as well as skills and competencies that are crucial to be a person, a citizen and an employable person in the world of today.

We live in a rapidly changing and uncertain world. Many children and young people don’t thrive today and schools do not support them. They are not equipped with the personal and social qualities, and the competencies that are needed to be happy. More than ever, it is crucial that a school helps the learners to live and thrive and have a positive impact on that world.

The school can only do so with a holistic approach to education. Chaman Bhartiya focuses on leadership as a concept for developing generations that can thrive in the contemporary world and that have the ambition to take on a leading role in changing the world for the better.

We believe that school should be relevant for the learner here and now. Life does not start when school is over. We want to substitute the content and test focused school, with a school for life. We want to create a school that is relevant for the learner here and now and prepares them for the challenges of the future.

Our Philosophy

We Learn

The core of our efforts is promoting academic excellence and deep learning. To achieve this, we have designed a curriculum where learning is a collaborative process.

In our opinion, deep learning involves exchanging opinions, solving problems and creating ideas. We apply a number of approaches to teach our students to fall in love with learning for life.

We Play

In our world, play is important. We play to have fun, to learn and to explore. Play involves and engages our students in solving tasks in their own way.

Play opens new insights. Play in our mind is linked to innovation and is the key to success and excellence in the 21st century.

We Lead

For each student, we identify and nurture their potential to grow into someone who will make a difference in India and in the world.

We strive to develop their confidence, independence, excellence and leadership, and encourage them to become leaders and to promote change in the world.

We Act

We want to develop doers as well as thinkers. We want our students to realise that through academic excellence and practical problem-solving skills, they can act in their own lives, in their communities and in the world we live in.

We encourage entrepreneurship, social responsibility and business sense to prepare our students for successful futures as change makers.

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