Director's Message 

Dear Parents,

Chaman Bhartiya School will open on August 3. With the lockdown of schools and the continuous rise of COVID-19 cases, we expect only to be allowed to open the school for online learning. The ban on online learning has been removed. We expect new guidelines from the government regarding online learning and will, of course, follow these. 

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Inspirational Activities Response 

#LearningGoesOn: We are incredibly thrilled with the GREAT response we have received for our "Inspirational Activities" Initiative. The COVID 19 projects of grade 5, sinking boat experiment of grade 4, the star gazing activity of grade 2 and the car-washing activity of grade 3. All the activities were carried out with great enthusiasm. The learning achieved from the activities is very evident in the submissions we is the creativity. 

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National Reading Day 2020
We organized an exciting activity for the children on National Reading Day which received an amazing response. The activity aimed to develop both, skills and personality aspects of a child through reading. The children were asked to read the story: ‘The giving tree’ and were given subsequent activities based on which grade they were in. Here are some heart warming submissions from  Sunaina, Grade 5 and Siddhi, Grade 1.
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“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”    
– Albert Einstein
How Are We Getting Ready?

We will be launching our student’s learning journey with a blend of asynchronous(offline) and synchronous (online) learning. Facilitators are being rigorously trained by Apple Certified Trainers to be able to deliver seamless learning experiences to our students. Facilitators are also undergoing continuous assessments and working towards being certified as “Apple Certified Teachers.” Facilitators have spent hours researching, brainstorming and shortlisting rich and engaging activities for a wholesome learning experience across all subjects. Our approach will be a balance of academic and non-academic activities which includes well-being, emotional quotient and other values that Chaman Bhartiya School upholds.

Meet our Facilitators

Introducing our grade 5 facilitator and school coordinator, Sheeba John. Sheeba has a decade and a half years of experience as an educator, facilitating English, Maths and Science in the primary years and high school of which over 13 years are with an international school in the primary years. 
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Does Parenting Matter? 
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“Need For Personalization Of Learning & The Role Of Play” video featured on India Today
A video by Allan Andersen on the need for personalization of learning and the role of play got featured on the Instagram handle of India Today. 
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"Do Primary School Students Need e-Learning" -  Allan features in The Times of India
Allan Andersen features in the "Talking Point" column of The Times of India as he shares his opinion on one of the biggest topics of discussion in the education sector right now, whether primary school students need e-learning. 
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