Leadership Pedagogy

At Chaman Bhartiya, how we teach is as important as what we aim to teach. Indeed, we call our teachers ‘facilitators’ because they facilitate the growth of a child’s innate curiosity and work to mold it into skills, aptitude, and empathy. Here are a few different aspects of our leadership pedagogy.

Personalized learning in a team-based context

Every learner will have his/her individual learning goals, and every learner will have his/her mentor. Most of the learning activities will be in collaboration with other learners (teams, class), but every learner will have individual learning goals in the learning activities.

The learner will learn to lead his/her learning with reflection, self-
assessment and feedback.

Learning in an innovative building with a variety of teaching methods

At Chaman Bhartiya, the building supports the use of a great variety of teaching methods that ensure that the learner will learn. With open learning spaces, an innovation center, maker spaces, urban garden, etc. we have designed learning environments for exciting experiences where the students are at the center as active, creative chefs and producers.

Learning through projects

The core component of the Chaman Bhartiya learning model will be learning through projects based on real-life problems. The learners will reach the objectives of the progression plan through projects.

The facilitators will help the students to solve real-life issues based on scientific knowledge and exploration and through the use of design
methods. We will use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as an inspiration and framework for projects.

Through problem-solving, the learners will develop their
leadership potential.

Learning through play

Play is vital for the personal and social development of a child. We think that playful activities are an engaging way to learn in school. Therefore we work with LEGO to integrate their “serious play” model in our “We lead” curriculum.

Serious Play will be crucial in the early years and elementary school.

Learning with technology

At Chaman Bhartiya, every child will have a personal digital gadget, an iPad, and the school will be well-equipped with digital technology. Technology makes it possible for the student to be a creator and not only a consumer of knowledge. To ensure a seamless integration of technology in our learning activities, we have a partnership with Apple and LEGO.

The world is our classroom

Chaman Bhartiya is an open school- open to the local community, open to India and open to the world. When we work on real-life problems we connect to people outside the school and work with problems that are real to them.

We give the learning topics and international perspective by connecting to people in other countries. We develop cultural understanding and global citizenship. To make this a reality, we are members of Global Schools’ Alliance, a network of progressive schools in Asia, Europe, and the USA.