Welcome Address from our Director

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the first edition of CB Connect, a newsletter for the parent community at Chaman Bhartiya School.

We, at Chaman Bhartiya, are eager to open the school, meet your children and start the vital learning journey they have missed for so long. As we all know, the COVID-19 situation in India is grave and getting worse. Right now, there is no clear indication from either the national and state government about, when the schools are allowed to open ...

What's happening at School?

Chaman Bhartiya Initiates Inspirational Activities for your child: While the school contributes towards acquiring knowledge/skills, family plays an important role in shaping a person’s character through values, tradition, culture and environment. Taking cognizance of the current situation owing to COVID-19, we have enclosed along with this newsletter, some inspiring ideas/activities which you can carry out with your child...

Please scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter and download this week’s activity for your child.
“Every adversity, every heartache, every failure carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit.”    
– Napolean Hill
Ongoing  Professional Development for Facilitators
Rigorous Professional Development is an ongoing activity from the past couple of months at Chaman Bhartiya School. Due to the lockdown, the Professional Development at Chaman Bhartiya evolved into a blended model where some of the workshops were conducted offline.
Our facilitators are key towards bringing alive the Chaman Bhartiya philosophy, hence Professional Development modules have been designed to give facilitators a deeper understanding of our vision. The Professional Development sessions also encompass each facilitator’s personal interpretation of our vision and how each of them will apply it to the “WE LEAD” curriculum.


Says Sandhya Gatti, Head of Pedagogy and Professional Development “All modules are thoughtfully design-based on research and proven techniques”.

Webinar on “Education for the Changing Times what Parents Need to Know”
Allan Andersen was recently invited by the journalist Sweta Saran as a guest speaker to a webinar whose objective was to analyse the changing trends in the environment and what it’s impact means to parents.
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Parent Feedback
Why I chose Chaman Bhartiya School?
“ I feel Chaman Bhartiya acknowledges the difference between meaningful and meaningless learning, and it stands for meaningful learning experiences. I am glad to have chosen Chaman Bhartiya for my daughter Devika.”
– Divia, mother of grade IV student

Meet our Facilitators

This month we would like to introduce you to our faculty Anuradha Singh who holds a PhD in the field of ‘Epigenetics’ from the University of Leeds, UK. She was awarded the prestigious ‘Marie Curie Fellowship’ to do her research. She has published a research article in the field of Epigenetics in a top peer-reviewed journal.
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“Continuous Assessment For Holistic Development Of Students” article featured in Business World
An article written by Sandhya Gatti on Continual Assessment (a form of assessment practiced in Chaman Bhartiya School) has been featured in the recent edition of Business World magazine.
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Chaman Bhartiya students participate in National Reading Day
We thank all our parents and students for the enthusiastic response for the activity initiated on National Reading Day. Our students have indeed found creative ways to express themselves. Your avid response has enthused us to keep coming up with such activities.
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