How To Get Admission

At Chaman Bhartiya we believe every child is a leader. When exposed to a stimulating environment, encouragement and relevant opportunities every learner can realize his leadership potential. 

We invite families to visit us and share in the Chaman Bhartiya experience. To arrange an appointment please email us at

We accept students on a rolling admissions basis. This approach allows students to apply for and receive admission anytime during the school year (subject to availability of seats).

Equal Opportunity: At Chaman Bhartiya all students are given an equal opportunity for admission. We do however limit the number of students, to whom learning support can be provided. Our staff is equipped to provide learning support to a limited number of students with mild to moderate learning disabilities.

2 – 5 years: On commencement of the admission process, an initial interaction will be arranged between parents and the Head of School. The objective of this interaction is to understand the child better and clarify any doubts the parents might have.

Grades I to V: The school arrives at the class placement based on the student’s age and performance during assessment.

Enrolment for students with special needs: For a student who requires learning support, scanned copies of clinical assessments needs to be submitted to the Admissions office. An interaction is arranged to assess the child as well as the school’s ability to provide adequate learning support to the child.

Step 1


Fill out the admission form or make an appointment by email:

Please visit us with a prior appointment from Monday to Friday from 9:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. for information about our philosophy, information about the school, curriculum overview, facilities and fee structure.

Step 2

Online Application Form

Once you have taken the decision to apply to Chaman Bhartiya, please fill in the application form which can be obtained from the school or filled online. (Link to admissions page)

Step 3


Interaction between the parents/child and a member of the academic team. The time and date will be communicated by the school to the parents. Hard copies of documents, as well as registration payment can also be completed during this visit.

Step 4

Admissions Committee Decision

Once the Admissions Committee has reached a decision, it is communicated to the parents. If the child is accepted, the acceptance is communicated by the school to the parent. If we feel the child does not meet our admission criteria, the parent is informed via e-mail.

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