Why Choose Us

“We want to create future-ready students who are change makers in their chosen sphere, equipped to assume leadership within society and the world. We want our children to live, laugh, learn and lead!”, says Snehdeep Aggarwal, Founder & Chairman.

At Chaman Bhartiya we believe every child is a leader. When exposed to a stimulating environment, encouragement and relevant opportunities every learner can realize his leadership potential. 

Chaman Bhartiya School of Leadership is a K-12 school in Bhartiya City, Bangalore. We prepare our students for the future by developing leadership competencies and 21st century skills while at the same time aiming for the highest degree of academic excellence.

Here are eight reasons why we’d make the perfect school for your child.

Exclusive ‘We Lead’ Curriculum

An academically rigorous curriculum, integrated into the ICSE and IB curricula aimed at promoting intellectual, aesthetic, creative, socio-emotional and physical development. The “We Lead” curriculum is followed from preschool to grade 8. From grade 9 students have the option of opting either for the ICSE or IB curriculum. The curriculum lays emphasis on in-depth learning, relevance and application of the subject as well as conceptual clarity.

The curriculum enables children to thrive in a rapidly changing world by equipping them with 21st century competencies in a planned, systematic manner. Competences will be developed through specific activities such as projects, challenges and other school activities.

Learner At The Centre

Personalised learning which is tailored to the needs, aptitudes and interests of the child is the foundation of the teaching-learning process. Additionally, a 1:1iPad program and the school building design all personalize learning.

Play Is Serious Business

We regard play as the most natural intrinsic approach to the learner’s cognitive, physical and socio-emotional development. To enhance the experience of play for our learners we have partnered with LEGO. Chaman Bhartiya is the first school in South India to be modelled on the LEGO Education methodology. Playful experiences through LEGO are woven in our curriculum, which exposes our learners to a system which combines structure, logic and creativity. It stimulates creativity, communication, empathy and problem-solving.

Real-Life Project Based Learning

The purpose of the Chaman Bhartiya curricular content design is two-fold – to ultimately meet the United Nations sustainable goals and to excel academically in its true sense. 60% of the curricular aims are met through learner-driven real time projects that will impact their immediate community in some way or the other. Project-based learning will also ensure in-depth and meaningful understanding of concepts learnt in the classroom.

Technology Aids Learning

Today’s learners are digital natives and learn naturally with the aid of technology. To augment this Chaman Bhartiya has collaborated with Apple and this collaboration encompasses:

1:1iPAD PROGRAM: Every student at Chaman Bhartiya will have their own iPad to do their academic work which inspires creativity and hands-on learning thus making learning more powerful.

THE MAC LAB: The lab aims to equip the students in various domains like presentations, video- editing and app development. it also enables students to generate ideas and think innovatively.

APPLE PODCAST CENTRE: The studio is fitted with equipment for audio and video recording and can be used for various projects such as film- making, mixing, mastering, etc. It will stimulate creativity and act as a medium to enable learning.

EVERYONE CAN CODE: Learning to code improves collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking skills. At Chaman Bhartiya students from the age of four will learn how to code.

EVERYONE CAN CREATE: The projects under this program guides students to develop and communicate ideas through drawing, photography, video, and music.

Classroom learning will also involve usage of 3D apps through Apple TV which enables better subject understanding.

Flexible Learning Spaces

The open and flexible learning spaces emphasize the role of the environment as the third teacher. These enable personalized learning as well as collaboration and communication. A hydroponics terrace garden within the school premises is an example of a learning space at Chaman Bhartiya. This learning space will be utilized to give hands-on learning on aspects such as germination, photosynthesis, etc.

Local & Global In Spirit

We empower learners to be a local as well as a global citizen. Through projects that meet the United Nations Sustainable goals we sensitize students to local issues. We are members of the international Global School Alliance. This collaboration will enable students to get a global outlook and form worldwide connections.

Physical Activity And Sports

Chaman Bhartiya facilitators believe that learning involves both the mind and the body. Through emphasis on sports and performing arts we enable physical growth and development of the learner. To ensure our students have access to the finest sports facilities we have collaborated with XLR8, Bangalore’s first indoor sports arena that facilitates multi-sports under a 33,000 sq.ft arena

We invite families to visit us and share in the Chaman Bhartiya experience. To arrange an appointment please email us at info@chamanbhartiya.com.